【Official】Gero Onsen Gero Royal Hotel Miyabitei

Gero Onsen Town private outdoor bath in the center of the Gero Onsen Town and rooms with outdoor Gero Onsen Town, rooms with tatami baths are popular.Meal is room meal.


·Rakuten Travel Selling Leads Ranked 1st in East Rising Area at Ryokan Ranking (11-50 rooms)
·At the Rakuten Travel Awards we won "Gold Award" for the first time at the inn at Gero Onsen
·Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is available in rooms and lobby and lounge (free)

Information on booking system change accompanying official website renewal

Gero City PR Movie

  • You can see the latest movie PR Movie in Gero

    Gero Onsen is a PR movie of Gero city ​​which was created by Gero Onsen Tourist Association.This fall version.I introduce a lot of good places in Gero autumn.Please see PR movie from above link.

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