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  • Standard room(Japanese-style room·Japanese-Western style room)

    Please relax in a relaxing space.
    The time of peace filled with wood incense and soft sunlight.
    Please relax and unwind and enjoy the rich relaxation of Gero Onsen..
  • Old private house style room

    Designer room with Hida themed theme.
    The room type is between 18 square meters of Japanese-style room and flooring, and there are furniture such as hearth and old chest of drawers.Please enjoy the atmosphere of Hida.
  • Room with Open Air Bath

    Gero Onsen you will have rooms with open-air hot Gero Onsen with few hot springs.You can always enjoy the open-air bath of the alkaline simple hot spring that makes your skin smooth in your room.
    Room type is Japanese-style room 21 sq m + plus open-air bath (natural hot spring) pure-style type.
  • Rooms with antique outdoor bath

    Apart from usual life, to a special hideout.A sense of nostalgia that makes you feel relaxed even in the elegance.
    Room type is Japanese style room 18 square meters + antique room + open-air bath (natural hot spring).
     (It is a hot topic that can be taken up in TV and magazines as well)

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 32:Japanese room 25 rooms / Japanese + Western room 7 rooms

Room supplement

9 rooms with outdoor bath

Guest Room Equipment

Onsen bus/Washlet toilet/Air conditioning/liquid crystal television/Wifi(Wireless LAN)/refrigerator/safe/kettle/Cold water pot/Tea set/Hairdryer/Body soap/shampoo/hand soap/Hair tonic


Face towel/bath towel/yukata/toothbrush/hairbrush/Shower cap/A razor/cotton/Swab/Hair Rubber

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